About myself/à propos de moi…

24 mai 2006

Image 145.jpg     

Hi !


Let’s see, who I’m …

Imagination it’s my life my word, my job too, it’s very comfortable to me !!

I live in the south France near the Pyrenees Mountains in Ariège, no far Spain border.

I was born to Gourdon Lot department, but I lived all my childhood in Toulouse city.

I’ve been in Ariège since 1977.

Well, I draw and paint since I’m 3 or 4 years old, so I never learned.

Anyway in 2000 I decided to go to the art school in Toulouse during 3 years just for a new and good experience.

As you could see it, my paint style is eclectic…

I can to paint from nature of course : portraits persons/animals, sceneries, still lives… etc…

But what I prefer it’s create from imagination all things like : persons, animals, imaginaries creatures, sceneries, furnitures, clothes, cars, trucks boats…Etc…The list goes on and on…

I use several kind materials : oil painting, pastels ( dry, oil pastels, soft pastels), acrylic, wax pencil, coloured pencil, blacklead, lead pencil, gouache, charcoal, graphit.

My tools are brush of course but also  my fingers…My preffered tools !! That because there is a part of hazard.

Oh ! I forgotten for my job, I use mainly supports like : canvas, papers, cardboards, envelops  and why not a wall in entire ! ( fresco), everywhere it’s possible in fact !


Ok, at this…. Good visit and thank you for your time, see you …I will be back…


 » Elodie  »

24 mai 2006


Water paint : gouache/gouache

 » Off St Barthelemy island »/ »Au large de l’Ile St Barthélémy »

21 mai 2006

Image 31.jpg

Water paint : acrylic/acryique

 » The crow  »/ »Le corbeau »

21 mai 2006


Water paint gouache/gouache

 » Apple »/ » Pomme »

21 mai 2006


Dry Pastel/Pastel sec

 » Sugar bowl  »/ » Le sucrier »

21 mai 2006


Pencilwax/Crayon de cire

Still life/Nature morte

21 mai 2006


Pencilwax/Crayon de cire

« Bouquet of birds/bouquet d’oiseaux « 

21 mai 2006


Water paint, gouache/gouache

 » Bedside lamp »/ « La lampe de chevet « 

21 mai 2006


Oil paint on canva / huile sur toile

 » Neighbor  »/ » Le voisin  »

21 mai 2006


Water paint gouache/ gouache ( This it’s not original, according to a photocopy)